New Flash Fiction

Bored today, I began playing with my cellphone and emailing phrases, paragraphs and descriptions of scenes to myself in increments throughout the day. This was the end result:


Vampire Hunter

It had been a long night and the world was cool and damp the way it tends to stay as summer succumbs to fall. Few stars shined through the steadily rolling blanket of clouds over head and only the faint green glow of the radio dial showed the ghostly features of the man in the black sedan. His face was narrow, cheeks high and lips pursed around a cigarette he had yet to light. The sickly glow made the shadows darker, the features sharper as his steel gray eyes narrowed and followed a silhouette along the sidewalk. All curves and sinew the woman walked almost imperceptibly through the night. The second shadow was larger and less graceful as it quickly swelled up behind her and swept her into the alley ahead of the black sedan. The man behind the wheel put the car in gear and slowly coasted into the darkness between the buildings.

The engine thundered and echoed off the masonry, reverberated through the metal frame and rattled in the driver’s chest. Beyond the roar of the engine though was a louder, more unsettling noise. The wet cracking and sucking of meat and marrow pulled away from the bones, slopping against asphalt and cement. But this was no Sunday barbecue and the driver with the hard, narrow features smiled as he turned on the amber hazard lights. Gold flashes revealed a gruesome portrait splattered across the concrete canvas of the alley. Unidentifiable pieces of red, yellow and orange colored every corner, tattered denim and leather dangled in wisps from white bone. In the thick of the mess that had been humanity once upon a time was a little girl with thin limbs, wide hips and pert breasts gnawing and tearing at the pieces like a wild beast. In a flash of yellow light she jerked her head up towards the car.


Another flash revealed she had stood up, dripping red and gore from her pale, uncovered frame.

Darkness, brief and again stolen by the momentary light.

A frail arm stretched out towards the black sedan, red nails like the polished teeth of a predator drooling for the flesh inside the steel body.

“I’ll peel you like a grape,” she hissed in a deep and menacing voice unnatural to her demure frame.

The driver lit his cigarette and took a deep, satisfied puff. As he returned the lighter to his pocket he turned on the headlights. Suddenly, the flickers of amber and shadow vanished, replaced in ghastly color. The girl, rather the thing masquerading as a girl laughed and threw something wet and thin at the windshield.

“Those lights can’t hurt me but I’ll grind them into your skull before I devour you.”

“Didn’t figure they would hurt you,” the driver said, smoke billowing through his nostrils. He pulled the toggle for his home made high beams. Ultraviolet light filtered into the amber incandescence and florescent mixture that combined made an artificial sunlight and brought an early dawn to the chill autumn night.

The hosts of hell screamed from the tiny body, a sound of a train suddenly braking and all the anguish and pain of a man’s life combined in one place. In a moment of violent anger and agony, the thing was gone. The driver gave a crooked smile as he made another hash mark on a notepad in the passenger seat.

Darkness returned as the car drove into the night.

-The End-


About Danno

Dan Lee is a freelance writer, critic, independent author and publisher, as well as a horror culture correspondent. His articles, interviews, editorials, and fictional works continue to run on several sites and publications. He is also one of the resurrectionists behind the return of the Nashville Zombie Walk (2017).
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