The Whovian Revelation of Danno

Over the last few years I’ve become quite a big Doctor Who fan but tonight, enjoying an older episode of the show I made some shocking revelations.

I drive a big blue box (Ford Expedition) with a few dings in it that could easily be mistaken for police property.

I’ve always got a screwdriver handy when I need it.

I have an off putting and eccentric personality that often causes people to wonder where I’m from.

I have an accent that some might find charming if not a bit funny.

There have been quite a few platonic female companions to come in and out of my life over the years.

I deal with assholes daily who want to cause trouble because of something that happened in their past.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m the Doctor but, have you ever seen me and the Doctor at the same time? This concludes tonight’s amusing rant.



About Danno

Dan Lee is a horror fiction fiend, freelance writer and photographer living in the outer edge of a large, southern metropolis. His stories, articles, and photos have been featured in several ‘zines and websites and his fiction and other prose continues to be developed through this blog.
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