A Thousand Little Deaths


I first heard the term la petit mort (the little death) reading The Story of O at a friend’s suggestion. While we’re not going to get in depth about why I was reading that book, I’ll say that I liked that one expression so much that I researched it a bit. It’s not just a sexual reference but a spiritual one. The little death that comes from a moment of true spiritual release. That is really all that Danny Oldham is looking for in A Thousand Little Deaths,the serial whose first installment appeared tonight on the blog. Danny is a surprisingly old man trapped perpetually in a cycle of regeneration who finds himself in the bucolic middle-of-nowhere, Tennessee in hopes of achieving this divine release. Plagued by the demons of his past, more literal than figurative, he joins up with an old (young) friend, Detective Novak whose investigation into a series of gruesome murders is leading the two to discover that the facts of this case, as well as their fates, are bound tightly together.

Take a look, share the link, and join up to get updates from the blog when the next installment comes out in June.



About Danno

Dan Lee is a horror fiction fiend, freelance writer and photographer living in the outer edge of a large, southern metropolis. His stories, articles, and photos have been featured in several ‘zines and websites and his fiction and other prose continues to be developed through this blog.
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