Shameless. Yup, that pretty well describes me. George Orwell described writers as “vain, selfish, lazy creatures” and while I’d like to think of myself as so much more, the fact remains I’d rather be in a cabin by a lake with a word processor in my lap than I would making a living doing shift work anywhere. Alas, I’m a slave to my many vices (including food, shelter, healthcare) and until I can keep myself up by doing what I love, I’m doing the whole work and adult responsibility thing.

With that in mind, you need to follow these links to Quarter Reads and Devolution Z and check out some amazing short fiction by myself and a lot of incredibly talented authors.

Yes, I’m extremely proud to be published in both but, even if you skip my work entirely you’re looking at some fantastic reading.

In other news, Undertaker is still lurching forward and I’m considering the potential for a print run of A Thousand Little Deaths if I can. All this and more of my flash fiction and bad movie reviews coming soon. And, of course, more shameless self promotion.


About Danno

Dan Lee is a freelance writer, critic, independent author and publisher, as well as a horror culture correspondent. His articles, interviews, editorials, and fictional works continue to run on several sites and publications. He is also one of the resurrectionists behind the return of the Nashville Zombie Walk (2017).
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