The State of the Blog


Why I Haven’t Posted in a Month

Welcome back, whatever readers still exist in the deep dark corners of the interwebs. I have returned! Sort of. The last thirty days or so have been a hectic mess of trying to accomplish everything and still somehow falling short on all of it. I managed to move into my new place but, without internet access, I’m having to relegate my posting to when I can steal a wifi signal from a coffee shop or Laundromat.

So, let’s get started.

Undertaker is still a nightmarish mess that has now been whittled away into a 15,000 word story with enough excess material stripped off to write more once I’ve gotten the main story pieced together again. Don’t expect it any time soon as my inspiration continues to fluctuate and give me the finger at every opportunity.

I’ve started a follow up to my novelette A Thousand Little Deaths and intend to eventually edit the two together as a single, cohesive novel. Progress is coming along pretty nicely on this and the two stories together are already around 35,000 words and counting. With any luck, I’ll be looking at publishing around the end of this summer. A Thousand Little Deaths will remain available on Amazon as an ebook on its own so go and check it out.

The Blood is the Covenant is still in slushpile limbo. I don’t know what it’s eventual disposition will be but I’m working hard to see it in print somewhere soon.
[The Blood is the Covenant was purchased this afternoon and will be appearing in the May 2016 issue of Bloodbond Magazine.]

I’ve got three stories still on Quarter Reads so go and check them out. It’s a great, genre non-specific site with a wealth of stories in horror, scifi, fantasy, romance, literary, etc… all for 25 cents a read. Authors receive 22 cents on every quarter (hence the name of the site) and they really do have some great work from talented authors other than myself. When you sign up, do a search for Dan Lee and all my stories will appear for your reading pleasure.

I’m doing a lot of new stuff this year, in my craft as well as in my personal life. I’ve started a new blog to focus on my rants about faith, politics, and the general miasma of the human condition. I’m experimenting with new types of writing from using a fountain pen when I write in my notebooks to completely new styles and genres. Over the next few months I’ll be weeding out lots of old posts that really have nothing to do with writing or my love of horror fiction and will be working to make this place a little easier to navigate. I’m excited about all my projects and I hope you are too. The Necronomanclature link can take you to all my previously published works so please take a look and help a struggling artist make a living out of what he loves.

Lots more still to come.



About Danno

Dan Lee is a freelance writer, critic, independent author and publisher, as well as a horror culture correspondent. His articles, interviews, editorials, and fictional works continue to run on several sites and publications. He is also one of the resurrectionists behind the return of the Nashville Zombie Walk (2017).
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