Evil Dead: The Musical

{UPDATE: My review of Evil Dead: The Musical is now up on Psycho Drive-In so check it out here and then go see this play.}

I’ve seen this play three times and it just keeps getting better and better every time. Normally, I’d do a whole in depth thing here on the blog but I sent the in depth article over the PDI so I’ll link it when it hits the site. That said, I’m going to throw out some excerpts and some links so you can go see it for yourself.


Murfreesboro’s Little Theater became a literal bloodbath last night as it put on Radical Arts performance of Evil Dead: The Musical. The play itself is incredible but this troop’s production was absolutely phenomenal. To start with, it is 100% the bloodiest run of this show you will ever see. Between the smaller, more intimate performance space (inside a converted cabin that once sat in the woods of Murfreesboro) and the work of a talented crew that helped the equally amazing cast to shine it made for a one of a kind experience. To quote myself:

“The low budget and smaller venue brought a genuine sense of honesty to the campy splatterfest musical and lived up to the soul -pun intended- of The Evil Dead and its cultural legacy. “

“In fact, music aside, it’s the portrayal of these amazing characters that brings this play to life.”


Look familiar?


I mean, as a die hard Deadite since I was 13, this was easily the most phenomenal and fun performance of the show I’ve ever seen. The set was great and, as always, I loved everything with Cheryl and the Kandarian demon moose. Tickets are still available for the shows tonight, Sunday, and the closing weekend October 28th-30th. So if you’re looking for some Halloween fun or just an amazing cast doing a great musical you should go an check them out. Links to the PDI review coming soon so check back for more.


Gallons of fake blood. Literally gallons.




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