Dear Mr. Sanders – An Open Letter

I try not to get too political on my blog for so many reasons, not the least of which being that it’s meant to be a site devoted to my writing and to entertaining those who visit. That said, with the condition of the nation and tonight’s election, I felt compelled to write this letter.



Dear Mr. Sanders,

As I sit here tonight and feel the collective blood pressure of the nation rise to stroke levels, I can’t help but feel this urge to thank you, Bernie Sanders. You proved to an entire generation of American voters that regardless of principles, morals, or convictions that every single man and woman who serves in political office has a price tag attached to them. You showed us that a man’s word is well and truly worthless and that anyone can be bought out of their beliefs and their desire to make a better future with the lure of money and promise of power. As we choose between two candidates so utterly incompetent and ill-suited to lead us, two robber baron criminals whose only real difference seems to be their reproductive organs, I can only look back and wonder what might have happened if my generation had elected you?

Would you have delivered on your wild promises for a better tomorrow?

Would you have brought with you a true and much needed change?

Or would you have sold us to the highest bidder like cattle, sacrificing those who trusted you for your own selfish gain?

I think we all learned the answer to those questions when you ceded power and became a lapdog of the establishment you claimed to oppose.

I’d ask how it is you sleep at night, knowing that you sold out an entire generation of Americans to make a buck, but I know the answer to that one too: on a pile of dirty money and broken promises.

This nation needed a leader intent on actually making America great again. Instead, we wasted our time on a candidate who never intended to do anything but sell himself to the highest bidder. I can only assume your so called “Berniecrats” who have been praised in the last few months will turn your “revolution” into a similar marketing scheme to make themselves rich and powerful too. They’ll not receive my support nor my vote in the years to come.

So, as this terrible election draws to a close and brings a certain feeling of damnation to all of us, I thank you, Senator Sanders, for showing us how truly corrupt our elected officials really are and how lost our democracy has become to all of us.


A Voter





Title 4, Chapter 1

 § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.


About Danno

Dan Lee is a freelance writer, critic, independent author and publisher, as well as a horror culture correspondent. His articles, interviews, editorials, and fictional works continue to run on several sites and publications. He is also one of the resurrectionists behind the return of the Nashville Zombie Walk (2017).
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