All the Write Problems

Look at that title. Go on. Look at it! I can come up with something witty for a random blog post I’m writing but I can’t seem to figure out how to name a 1,200 word article or a 10,000 word story I’ve spent days working on. What the hell is that?!

Things are continuing to go well at the moment. I’ve got some new stories I’m drafting, including a couple of larger ones for a project with PDI and another for a writing contest with some huge potential IF I can manage to win. I’ve also started writing for a new horror site in addition to Psycho Drive-In called 52 Weeks of Horror. I’m still drafting a few articles and stories for them but I’m hoping to have a couple of pieces to them in the next week. I’m excited about working with them. Just like PDI, 52 Weeks has some killer content and a lot of potential. I’ll be able to delve a little deeper into the strange, macabre elements of the genre and culture that really appeal to me. It’s new and sort of scary but I’m excited. I’ve also returned to Aquiline Photography doing some editorial pieces for their photography and modeling magazine.

Meanwhile, trying to find a paying job in the market is proving to be bleak. I’ve put in applications for weeks now and started self marketing myself pretty heavily but I’m still not drumming up any paying work. Most places I apply to are looking for a writer or contributor with my level of experience. The problem is, they also expect this contributor to have a degree. Now, I could go on a rant about putting myself into thousands of dollars of debt on speculation of finding my dream job and I could give you a list of authors in the last fifty years who made it without that seal of approval from a college or university.

But I won’t.

It’s a frustration that every author, every artist and musician for that matter goes through in their career. You’ve got the skill, you’ve got the talent, and you’ve got the drive. What you need is for someone in the industry to take a look at you and agree so that you can take your chance to make your passion your life and devote your full time and attention to your craft.

Until then, you’re an amateur pecking away at a blog, putting tidbits on social media, and dogging editors and publishers for a chance to make a living.

For now, I’m excited about where I’m at. My career has exploded over the last three years and the future is still looking bright.

More stories and articles coming soon as well as links to the site and magazines that I’m writing for, so keep reading. And check out the book shop while you’re at it.



About Danno

Dan Lee is a freelance writer, critic, independent author and publisher, as well as a horror culture correspondent. His articles, interviews, editorials, and fictional works continue to run on several sites and publications. He is also one of the resurrectionists behind the return of the Nashville Zombie Walk (2017).
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