The State of the Blog – 2017

Well, 2016 was pretty damned awesome. I mean, no, it pretty well sucked in terms of the economy, iconic celebrity deaths, politics, and the expedited break down of society as a whole, but for me it wasn’t too bad. Started writing for Psycho Drive-In and 52 Weeks of Horror on a regular basis as well as doing some occasional editorial work for Aquiline Photography Magazine. I saw publication of a few of my short stories and started a print run of A Thousand Little Deaths and started making some great contacts and friends in the horror entertainment industry. That said, I’m hoping to keep the moment going as 2017 comes to a start.

To begin with PDI Press (Psycho Drive-In’s publishing arm) is getting ready to release a pretty phenomenal project in the next few weeks. While I can’t get into the specifics just yet, I can tell you it will involve noir styled crime, Lovecraftian mythology, and a story by yours truly. I’ll be advertising the hell out of it as soon as I get the go ahead from my editor. This of course will be in addition to my reviews and the Beautiful Creatures column which promises to have a couple of great double features coming up in the next few months. I’m also continuing my exploration of horror as well with interviews, reviews and articles on 52 Weeks of Horror.


A pet project of mine called Altar of the Sun is moving from the idea phase into an active writing stage. Basically, I’ve been throwing ideas at it for the last two or three years and they’re all finally starting to form into something cohesive and almost lucid. Unlike most of my work, I’m aiming for novel length on this. With any luck, 2017 will see a rough draft come to light. I’m also not as done with Charlie Stone as I thought. While Chuck himself won’t be returning, the ideas and other elements of Undertaker that ended up getting shredded from the final draft are forming into their own story quite nicely and I’m thinking I may have a sort of paranormal/zombie apocalypse adjacent tale drafted out in the next few months.

This year is going to see a lot of changes including a major leap for me as I begin experimenting in some multimedia areas. Instagram has been awesome, giving me an opportunity to show off some of my amateur photography skills and with the encouragement I’ve had from that marginal success I plan to start using the dannoofthedeadblog YouTube channel this year. At first I was thinking of just running some public domain, classic schlock horror films or maybe doing some MST3K rip off bit. Instead, I’m going to try and do some actual reviews as well as put some original content online as well. I’ll be doing some audiobook style readings of some of my flash fiction while working on production of a short film based off of my story Schrodinger’s Dilemma and a second based off of the short story The Question. The short films will be released under Grade Z Productions which is my way of differentiating my film and writing projects from one another.

And just because that doesn’t seem like more than enough for a man working a 40+ hour week and writing for multiple websites in his down time, I’ve also taken over as the organizer of The Nashville Zombie Walk. It’s an adventure I’ll be chronicling for you all on 52 Weeks of Horror in my new series Bring Out Your Dead: Resurrecting the Nashville Zombie Walk. The organization of the walk is itself nothing short of a nightmare full of permits, insurance forms, and headaches but, come October when a horde of blood thirsty zombies swarm through Music Row for some Halloween fun, it’ll all be worth it.

Of course I’ll still be writing whatever oddball rants, sarcastic quips, and flash fiction/short fiction that comes to mind over the next year. If nothing else, 2017 is going to be at least as interesting, if not more so, than last year.




About Danno

Dan Lee is a freelance writer, critic, independent author and publisher, as well as a horror culture correspondent. His articles, interviews, editorials, and fictional works continue to run on several sites and publications. He is also one of the resurrectionists behind the return of the Nashville Zombie Walk (2017).
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