The Nashville Zombie Walk has risen from the grave and we’re here to make Nashville strange! We’re calling all zombies to come join the fun as we swarm through downtown Nashville on Halloween weekend. The best way to get ready for this zombie apocalypse is to know all the facts and prepare accordingly.


Image designed by Lucas Leverett



The Nashville Zombie Walk will be held on Saturday October 29, 2017. Specifics on time, location, and route are all pending but should be announced in late July or early August. Keep following on the Facebook page for more updates.



The Nashville Zombie Walk is inviting everyone (especially people with BRAINS!) to come and join us. Open to horror fans, professional and amateur cosplayers, Halloween lovers, friends, family, and anyone else who wants to shamble through music city as a zombie.


You mean besides all the delicious BRAINS? We’re collecting non-perishable food items to donate to the Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee. Think canned goods and other items that can stay of the shelf for a while. Bring what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.


We’re trying to work out some things but, it’s downtown on a Saturday so be prepared to fend for yourself.


Fred Zom


We’re also calling all make-up artists and cosplayers to lend a hand. If you have instructional videos or tutorials online about how to zombify yourself for the event, share them with us via private message on Facebook or by emailing those links to musiccityzombies@gmail.com (subject line should read “Zombify Me”) and we will share them with all the fans of the Nashville Zombie Walk making sure to give you the appropriate social media plug for your hard work and help. Keep following us for more updates on your favorite undead event and be sure to tag us online as #nashvillezombiewalk and #makenashvillestrange


About Danno

Dan Lee is a horror fiction fiend, freelance writer and photographer living in the outer edge of a large, southern metropolis. His stories, articles, and photos have been featured in several ‘zines and websites and his fiction and other prose continues to be developed through this blog.
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