Danno Does Dragon Con…Again!

Who doesn’t love a good sequel? Just received word this morning that I’ve been invited back to cover Dragon Con 2018 in Atlanta, GA. You know what that means…


I’m back, baby! I’ll be covering the con start to finish this year focusing on the horror track, film festival track and, of course, all the amazing cosplay! If you’re interested in being interviewed or just want to chat and drop a quote in here or there about the event, just look for the man with the horns this September. More news, updates, and articles to come.

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Meanwhile, check out my coverage from Dragon Con 2017 below.



Danno went down to Georgia for Dragon Con 2017  (September 1-4, 2017) and had all kinds of adventures! Join me as I explore the biggest celebration of geekdom in the South!

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