Writer For Hire

Dan Lee accepts commission requests from individuals, web content hosts, publishers, and any other individual, publisher, host, or outlet seeking to publish original content. While the author’s field of expertise is centered in the horror genre and on the horror/macabre community and lifestyle topics, commissions may be requested on any topic or within any genre/sub-genre. See Content Advisory below for exceptions. The author provides content in the following forms and lengths:

Original Fiction
Critical Reviews

Flash Fiction 100-1,100 words
Short Fiction 1,100-15,000 words
Novella 15,000-25,000 words
Novelette 25,000-55,000 words
Novel 55,000 words or more.
Articles 100-2,500 words
Editorials 100-2,500 words
Reviews 100-2,500 words
Interviews 1,000-3,000 words
Prose 100-10,000 words


All commission work requires the parties to agree to the author’s freelance writing contract and/or letter of agreement with pre-established prices per manuscript or article. Deadlines for works between 1,000-5,000 words are within 2 weeks or less of commissioning the author. Any other specific deadline will be addressed in the contract or letter of agreement. Any commissions exceeding 10,000 words or a deadline sooner than two weeks from the date the contract is enacted will require an advance of payment and re-negotiation of applicable fees and rights. Additional fees are applied for ghostwriting/silent partner services. Prices are substantially lower than current market professional rates.  Price list is available here.


Contracts can be found at these links:

Letter of Agreement

Freelance Writing Agreement


For inquiries about commissioning Dan Lee, email dannoofthedeadblog@gmail.com and include COMMISSION in the subject line. Writing samples available here.




 Original content and concepts only. The author will not accept any requests to write fan fiction of any sort so please do not ask. The author will not plagiarize the work of other authors, journalists, or content creators upon anyone’s request. Again, don’t ask. The author WILL NOT write snuff or hardcore pornography but will take requests for some erotica. While the author specializes in the realm of horror culture, he WILL NOT accept any requests to create any material involving the graphic torture, abuse, rape, molestation, murder, or harm of women, children, or the disabled or anything pertaining to the sexualization, sexual exploitation, or sexual abuse of children. If you provide first hand knowledge or accounts to the author of such criminal acts or intentions, your information will be forwarded immediately to law enforcement officials for investigation.