Music City Zombies


Music City Zombies is an ongoing project of mine to try and bring to light the strange, bizarre, and wonderful underground of Music City that people would otherwise never know about. At the moment, it’s just a loose assembly of links but eventually I’m hoping to make this a regular feature on the blog and maybe even a ‘zine. Everything below has some sort of tie to the Better Nashville Area (Davidson county and the surrounding counties) so take a look and help make Nashville strange.

Update: Here’s a link to the very first, very brief ‘zine Music City Zombies!


Make Nashville Strange Again!

The Nashville Zombie Walk


Dr. Gangrene’s Mad Blog

Tennessee Horror News

Big Daddy Cool (John Pyka Productions)

Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival

Nashville City Cemetery Association

Foolish Monkey Apparel

Zombies In My Blog!

Geek Media Expo

Middle Tennessee Anime Convention

Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Tales from the Flipside

Nashville Film Institute





And, for the writers out there looking for places to submit your work, here’s a few links just for you:

Horror Tree

Dark Markets

Freelance Writing Gigs

The Write Life

Up Work

Hello Horror

Devolution Z

Deadman’s Tome