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Danny Oldham just can’t seem to stay dead. Trapped in a cycle of death and regeneration he finds himself in the bucolic Middle-of-Nowhere, Tennessee in hopes of finally getting some peace. Plagued by the demons of his past, more literal than figurative, he decides to help a local cop, Van Novak whose current investigation into a series of gruesome murders is leading the duo to discover that there are worse things in life than dying. Based on the short story Dinner at the Cross Roads Cafe (Unoriginal Magazine, Issue 4) and initially published online as a serial, this is the first time that the complete story has been available as a singular, uninterrupted manuscript.

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The world can’t end forever…right?
Charlie Stone is a misanthropic undertaker in a world where the dead have risen and taken over the world. Living in the quiet border town of Berry Hill beside the barrier fence that separates the living from the living dead, all he dreams of is a good smoke and a life without flesh hungry corpses trying to murder him. A mixture of twisted, sarcastic humor and zombie gore, Those Things’ll Kill Ya’ welcomes you to a world where the undead are just one of ‘those things’ you have to deal with.

eBook ($1.00 USD)


“Noirlathotep features seven writers from the horror/pop culture website Psycho Drive-In, telling original tales of blood-curdling Lovecraftian-themed crime… These seven stories bring crime fiction to a dark and accursed realm where nobody can be trusted and even if you make it out alive, your mind – and maybe your soul – may not survive intact!”

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Library of the Living Dead

As some of the websites that have previously hosted my work are now defunct or no longer carry links to my stories, and seeing as how I still own the rights to all my work thus far, feel free to click the links below and read any of my previously published shorts and flash pieces in .pdf format.

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